Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Fuck a friendship"

Friendship is an illusion born of need
a daft pretense that distraction and
artifice can surpass the loneliness
and desperation for long enough to get us through

We dance, imagining more of our compatriot's
reality than we actually observe...
we impose the reality we wish and ignore
the side items. (That always ends well.)

Gung-ho Joe and away we go!, head first
romanticized exploits and kissy-poo woo.
That's the way it starts, and on the way it bends,
and sooner or later the honeymoon ends

We swap out new for old, 
or the frequency changes up,
perhaps we avoid one another, 
or go through motions
to preserve the lie

Somebody's always ankles-high and pants on the ground,
the other firmly in command; if you're unsure your role
then it's a given you're Number Two....in more ways than one.

Hierarchies, manipulations, disillusionment,
murkiness, white lies, mixed personalities,
unclear motives, being used, not being
heard, unreturned calls, dismissive acts,
indirect expectations, assumptions, fickle
natures, double standards, and--unless you
count blackmail--no legitimate ties.

Sounds delish; I can't imagine why more
people don't sign up for friends!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Lines

It'd be simplicity
to see 
recent history
in concrete
highlighting me 
and tragedy

The truth pains
as blame wanes;
flawed hearts and brains
in both domains
doing our best
(not really)
leaving wreckage
despite concern

No worse enemy
than former friend;
who knows us
well enough
to cause love to end?