Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halloween Costumes Hall of Fame

Like most card-carrying queers, Halloween has ever been
my favorite holiday; the chance to create, to entertain, to
become another.
(And let's not forget everyone else being incognito
and skipping through the streets. It was a
simpler time when there was at least a once-a-year
promise of feeling part of a community.)

One of my earliest, and my partner and I won
an award and were featured in the local paper!
I swear I didn't mean to tear her damned head off...
(spotlight-stealing floozy!)

How apt; The Lone Ranger.
Don't know why my holster and guns--
complete with bullets that were
secured in holes on the belt--
were not on me!

Well, that was my high school marching band
uniform, and yes, I cheated and used it as a costume.
Lazy that year, I suppose.

One of my favorites, and you have to know the details!
My friend (in red) and I went as a theme;
"E! True Hollywood Stories: Where Are They Now?"
I was Darla from Little Rascals and my buddy Lynn
was Little Orphan Annie.

We had a skit and all kinds of delicious props, like
my water breaking and the baby hanging out
because 'Darla' couldn't stop partying
and drinking long enough to go to the hospital.
Playing trashy is soooo much fun!

Well, this was more trick than treat; we all
dressed up like 'cater-waiters' so we could sneak
into this fancy upscale party and get some free
(Don't hate a playa!)

My 'Pat Benatar...but picture taken before
full make-up, for some reason.
I have never been hit on by more smarmy
red necks in all my life than on this night
at Guavaween.

And another winner!
This beautiful Holstein did a whole skit
with double-entendres that had the work crew in stitches.
I won "Best Costume" hands down,
for which I not only received a 2-nights stay
in a luxury hotel, but...

I also got my pic taken with sexy boss man Chuck. isn't his costume an
interesting choice?!? LOL!