Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream Profit

(my final communique from my home p.c.,
the morning that my house caught fire--
October 25, 2010)

through her eyes,

princesses and fairy tales,
illusions ruptured

torn away,
distraught and missing
mother rides a griffin to discover,
phoenix rising,
kicking father separatepromised union,
curses postponed
busy, multi-purpose hall (castle)
they talk as they walk

appearances suggest
she is wise enough to be told
but she learned from the best
to craft a facade of bold

no trees; desolation
no other structure;
former home, then razed;
remnants of warfare
now home to cat creatures
tire structures, tree stumps

shattered dreams
the tarot does foretell,
though the name on the package
didn't last very well
nothing is what it seems;
everything comes together
in such a way to showcase
what all involved believe,
though none of it is true

the girl is safe, from all those
imagined harmful;
the hurt came
from closer to home...
subterfuge and cover-up
are the dangers heretime could very well be wasted
on red herrings--
there are still real threats
in the world

and puffed chests
keep things too close
to the vest