Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's All Good

I hassle and hustle and huff and harangue,
only to find I misunderstood the comment
that sent me into a tizzy.

My hypersensitivity is overshadowed
only by my dramatic interpretation skills,
my brain constantly dizzy.

I find fault in procedures
and trouble in efforts,
I note discontent in saints
and chase after sinners,
(failing to realize that there is
some good and bad
in all of it)...

The balance is the thing.

But when you're out of whack
in the extremes
caught in the weeds
and running on steam...
slowing down
and taking a breath,
can seem like a fate
worse than death.

So I change the focus
as best I can
and struggle and strive and strike and sedate,
to find the good in what is,
and let go of the rest.