Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Are You Sure?"

(Famous NEW YORKER cartoon)

Gilly came home from school despondent and listless.
Her mother inquired as to what was wrong, and Gilly
sighed loudly while determining how much to share.

"Well, in class today, we saw a movie to better understand
the Middle East. There was war, and then some torture,
and then in the final scene, this horrible thing happened,"
Gilly relented.

"My word, Gilly! What on earth was your teacher thinking!
I know these classrooms are advanced...trying to keep
your interest..but that's way too much for a sixth grader to
be watching. And what  was so horrible in the last scene?"

"Well, really it wasn't so bad...we see worse on video
games and in those movies you and dad watch. But the last
scene was a decrapatation.It made me queasy."

"Sweetie," her Mom retorted, suppressing a giggle, "are you
sure you don't mean 'de-CAP-itation?' "

"No, Mom, I know damned well that when that man got his head
cut off, he sure enough shit his pants, too!"