Friday, December 21, 2012

Commune Grounds sketch

So I've always had this idealized notion
(even now, after being aware of the folly
of such things in the face of the way of
the world) about making a project that
would be progressive in all regards.

This project would commence after winning the Lottery, naturally.

Just some brief concept layouts for
this compound that would allow multiple families to
share land, expenses, work, and product
just like it used to be when communities worked
together for a common good.

Everyone owns their own stuff; you don't
forego ownership or have shared property.
It's a co-op of living resources.

Basically the goal is to be as efficient and as
self-sustaining as possible; eco-friendly,
wind and solar powered as much as possible,
grow most of your own foods pesticide free,
have a workable Recycle-Refuse-Repurpose-Restrict
policy in play, and time-saving efforts like
shared meals/work/purchases.

More sketches to come, like floor plans and
greenhouse layouts!