Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Two minds sounds great
if you're naive and think
it means twice the brain
and thus less strain

But the cacophony ensues
when both minds ring true
and argue ceaselessly over
not one angle, but two

"Give more love; be a dear"
versus "I have rights here";
Be the one to stand tall,
or protect from a new fall?

I want a brand new day,
for old hurts to fall astray,
but to go where risk is known
seems foolish; am I grown?


you better recognize

i'm strong because i say i'm strong
i'm courageous because i have to be
i don't allow tears til the day is done
cuz there's no time to waste

i'm a fighter and a lover
depends on what's brought to the table
don't let the smile and good looks fool ya
i'm sure nuff more than able

i'm mudhole-stompin' fit
pull your head out from the split