Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New DC Creations: Golden Eagle 2

This is a sketch I did for a retroactively added
DC Comics character for some fan fiction
I'm doing (Well, honestly, it was originally a
character I created for a proposal to DC for
a 'Titans West' series, which was soundly rejected
out of hand, but, moot point since
that world is gone now!)

She's a fellow orphan friend of Charlie's that
was taken in by the Amazons on Paradise Island
and is a surrogate sister of the original Golden
Eagle, merging his costume theme with Amazonian
weaponry and armor! (Yes--story there!)
 (In this world, the original was never killed
and never an evil alien spy, etc. Blurg!)

For more on the DC Retro Project (DC '78)

art copyright 2013 Robert Sayre II

Monday, March 25, 2013

Stuck in the Middle With Eww!

I am to the point
    (have I been here before?)
of reduction

I am now
but reduced to...

                    something less than...
different from
what was

No longer is there
even a point of reference

so much disappointment--
      so much of me

all good extracted
   boiled off
      in rages, orgasms, loving expressions
and the like
(Thumbs up!)

I watch some images
like old movies
        easy and natural,
 A smile beckons
         without prompting
....their cascade familiar enough
to draw forth longing

Once, we--
      for there were once others,
         like me, bonded together,
               and similarity-supported,
         than our mere components...

We held sessions
     akin to salons,
speaking effortlessly of philosophy,
    hands gravitating to belt buckles
         and bra straps

We conjured mystery
      (where perhaps none existed)
and spoke of cosmos
   and romance
      and humanity
   as well as comics and cops and cocks

(Lest you think us highbrow
   when even at our most pretentious
       we knew that to be a lie!)

   I am surrounded;

       by talk of dinner plans
        and medicine-taking
           and neighbors' comings and goings,
endless recycled unpleasantries,
    and only more of same
       to look forward to

You become the character
     of those you
          surround yourself with
(funny how close 'surround'
     and 'surrender' seem)
Unflatteringly enough,
      unsatisfyingly enough,
    as me,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pariah Be A Gift

"Pariah be a Gift"
(On Getting by in the Deep South on Bad Days
The Past Ain't All That Diff'rnet from What We Gots Now)

Ain't nowhere I belong
Nor nobody who own me
Mean to say, nobody who know me
Seem to be the same thing
least as I can tell

Used to think
that all was just me
but the more folks I see
the more I reckon
it's all our lot

People's hushed mouthing,
always staring, finger waggin,
no chance to raise up--
nobody seem to notice you--
at the same time!

But all that there
gots a tendency to be
something else all together
from what folks means it to be

Dough gotta get beat
'fore it can rise
(the best bread ta me
is hard on the outside
soft on the ins)
Clay gotta burn
'fore that pot harden
People gotta be broke
to put themselves together

T'aint right nor wrong
nor'n  fair ors unfair
jus' is the way it is
flowing and sliding

Bein' poor don't scare me
and not embarrassed by it none
Fat, ugly to other'ins, hungry
all that I gots a handle on

I is this here
I ain't dem
but I is me
Dis what I am
That's good enough fer me
an' others
ain't to be worried over

Cuz there ain't nowhere I belong
nor no one who own me

I is the one avoided
and disrespect like
and I think very much
I prefer it dat way